NSR GmbH —— a New Silk Road to China
moreNSR GmbH – a New Silk Road to China

NSR GmbH is a service-oriented international company located in Munich, Germany.


As the bridge between the European manufacturers, wholesalers and Chinese distributors (including both offline channels such as supermarket chains, and online channels such as e - commerce platforms), the main goal of NSR GmbH is to establish long-term business relationships between both sides.


So far, the NSR supermarket chain group already has 10 member companies and totally more than 1600 groceries and supermarkets stores in China. Our stores distributed in 10 provinces in China and our customers accounted for about 65 percent of China's population. We have already successfully marketed many products such as German Beer, beverage, Austrian biscuit, Belgium chocolate, Spanish olive oil and French wine in our supermarket.


In October 2014, the NSR GmbH has entered into "Cross Border E - Commerce" market in China, and has been the strategic partner with TOP 20 E - Commerce Platforms in China. And through the new international trade mode, we have successfully marketed the European maternal and baby products, healthcare products, household appliances, luxury goods, organic products, pets food and so on. Compared to the regular trade mode, the cross border E - commerce channels can relieve the product inspection pressure of the CIQ-- China Inspection and Quarantine. The NSR also provides the completely integrated solution for the whole operation chain - Purchasing from EU suppliers, declaring at the EU export custom, the international shipping, operation in the China bonded warehouse, declaring at the China import custom, and using Chinese domestic logistics to send to the final customers.


Thanks to our highly motivated and competent team, our professional management system, flexible logistics and modern warehouse, we always conduct our business reliable and punctually.


To diversify our distribution channel and satisfy the differing needs of our clients, we are always looking to expand our network of suppliers and partners.


Welcome to NSR GmbH!

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